Saturday, March 5, 2011

Between the Pipes with Keith Kinkaid - March 5th, 2011

This is our ninth segment of 'Between the Pipes with Keith Kinkaid.' Last weekend Keith and the team won the regular season ECAC title, capturing the Cleary Cup for the first time in school history. He is currently the best goalie in the country statistically with a save percentage of .923 through 2,014 minutes of play. His current record in net is 24-7-3.

Who was last weekends MVP in your opinion? What makes this player most deserving?
This past weekends MVP was not just one person but all the seniors. They have accomplished so much since getting to Union and it was a weekend to remember for them. We hope to keep the memories coming.

What does it mean to win the Cleary Cup and finish with 25 wins, an achievement that no other Union hockey team has ever done before?
It means a lot to us to win the Cleary Cup. It means we accomplished our first goal and can now look forward to our next goal which is winning the ECAC Playoffs.

How will the team use this bye week to prepare for their quarterfinal matchup next weekend? Do you find this time off as a advantage or a disadvantage?
This bye gives us time to rest up our injuries and also get better each day. We have been practicing hard to get ready for next weekend and we want to feel like we accomplished something each practice. It is definitely an advantage for us.

Is there a preference in who you want to play in a three game playoff series? Is there a team you hope to avoid? What will change in the team's level of play between regular season and playoffs?
It does not matter what team comes into our building. We have confidence to play any team and our home ice advantage gives us an edge with the support we get from the fans. Playoff time there is less margin for error. These games will be hard fought games and we are going to have to grind it out each night.

What is your opinion on the recent issue of the athletic administration's new policy on profanity in the student section? Do you think it is justified?
I think it's a little much that they have to censor the student section. It's part of the hockey atmosphere and you don't see any other place censoring their fans. You go to a professional game or another college game and you probably hear worse remarks than what goes on in our rink.

Do you feel that hockey has in a way gotten in the way of schoolwork with the team doing as well as it has and the amount of preparation you guys put into the weekends?
We try to get our schoolwork done early in the week and on our Sundays off. We are pretty good when it comes to managing our time with hockey and schoolwork and I think that's what has led to our success as well.

Well there you have it folks, you've heard it from the man himself. Please leave your reviews in the comment box below. Enjoy this weekend off, and stay tuned to ECAC action around the league to find out who we will play next weekend! And remember fans, you can find Keith Kinkaid on facebook at any time during the day. -JZolot

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