Thursday, March 17, 2011

Captain's Corner With Brock Matheson (3/17/11)

It was a busy finals week on campus, so I was unable to catch up with Brock before I went home for Spring Break. But, he was nice enough to answer the following questions (which I would've asked him on video) through email. Enjoy!

1) What do you think was the reason why Colgate won this past weekend?
I think Colgate won because they played hard all series and kept coming. It could be argued that we didn't get bounces or calls our way but those are just excuses, at the end of the day they won the series because of great goaltending and great transition and net drives.

2) Everybody (students and fans) was very upset after the loss. What was the feeling in the locker room? 
We were all pretty devastated. It was a heartbreaker, but after a few days now we're back and track and preparing for the NCAA's.

3) I think everyone had trouble coping with the loss. How did you? Did you talk to anybody?

After games I usually talk to my parents and they are great at putting things in perspective. But, all of us wanted some time away from the rink after the loss to kind of digest it in our way and diffuse it a little bit.

4) What do you guys do now? How do you refocus?

We've already started to refocus. What's done is done and now were focusing on something greater than our league championship: the national tournament. It's now about us getting better in practice each day and addressing the individual areas of the game that we need to improve in and that we weren't successful in the past weekend.

5) What do you have to do as the captain of the team to make sure you guys refocus?

It's up to myself and the other captains, and all the seniors to make sure that we're using practices to get better and to improve. We can't take a day off now because if we lose, we're done, so it's up to us to send that message to everyone and demand the best everyday.

6) It looks like you guys are a lock for the NCAA Tournament. How does it feel to be a part of the first Union team to make it to the tournament?
It's a great feeling to know that we've put together a good enough season to deserve an at large bid for the tournament. That being said however, we're not juts happy to be there, we want to win it. So, it's all about preparation and focus right now. 

7) With two weeks off and unsure on who your next opponent will be, how do you prepare for the NCAA Tournament?

Like I said before we just want to focus on us and our game. We want to improve in areas that we've struggled with so that come playing time, we're firing on all cylinders.

8) Do you prefer where you guys play in the NCAA tournament?

I have no preference.

9) How did finals go?

I'm taking a study break right now to answer these questions, still have one final tomorrow (Thursday) morning and a paper tomorrow, so not quite out of the woods yet.

10) What do you guys do on campus when no one is there? Is it easier to focus on hockey with no school work and no one around?

When no one is on campus it's nice because we don't have to focus on school and it's all about hockey. Practices are early in the day and it's easier to eat good meals at good times. Away from the rink guys relax and enjoy not having homework

11) Where is your favorite place to eat on campus and off campus?

My favourite meal on campus is our pre-game meal at Reamer Campus Center. The Reamer staff is so great and the meal they prepare is delicious and they cater to our needs so well. They deserve a big thank you. Off campus I like Bangkok Bistro. My roommates and I enjoy going there from time to time

12) What is your favorite song(s) to listen to before games?

In the dressing room we listen to a wide variety of music from rock to rap to country to techno. For the past few months we've been putting on some old school Limp Bizkit before we go on the ice so lots of guys have enjoyed that.

13) Sunday was your last game at Messa Rink. Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

On behalf of the entire senior class I'd like to thank every fan who ever came to see us play over the past four years. We're incredibly grateful for the fans and support we have here throughout the school and community. You're responsible for our success at home this year and we hope to see some of you at the NCAA's.

14) Congrats on being named Second Team All-ECAC. What does it mean to you to be honored by the league?

It's a tremendous honor, there are so many great d-men on this team let alone this league. I think there are a number of other players on our team that deserve recognition for their contributions on a nightly basis. Defense is a 6-man effort including the goalies so everyone is represented in that honor.

15) Give us an inspirational quote for Union fans to live by for the next few weeks. Is there a quote you guys have to motivate yourselves this season or now?

Our motto this year has been "Anytime, Anyplace, Anyhow." This is especially applicable now as we will soon be travelling to a regional site for the tournament. Basically it means that anywhere we go, were going to get the job done by any means possible. That mentality allowed us to go into hostile environments and tough games and get wins regardless of the circumstance.

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