Thursday, March 24, 2011

Captain's Corner With Brock Matheson (3/24/11)

It was an incredibly busy day in Bridgeport today, but Brock was nice enough to save some time for Captain's Corner this week. The media was all over the team today, which must have been cool but intimidating. I think Brock, Coach Leaman, and the rest of the Dutchmen did a great job today handling everything.

Also, Jeff Weinstein and Eric McDowell did a great job handling the "big time atmosphere." But, they've both been in these situations before with Boston College and the Golden State Warriors, respectively. It was also nice seeing some of the local media (ex. Ken Schott) in Bridgeport, which helped it feel like home. This was definitely a new experience for me with all the media, protocols, the big media room... the free lunch spread! It was such a great experience.

Anyways, here's Brock (his playoff beard is looking great!):

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