Friday, March 4, 2011

ECAC Playoffs: First Round

After finishing first in the ECAC the Dutchmen get this weekend off. They will see what happens in the First Round to find out who their next opponent will be.

Here's the first round matchups:

(12) Colgate at (5) RPI
(11) St. Lawrence at (6) Princeton
(10) Harvard at (7) Clarkson
(9) Brown at (8) Quinnipiac

It is so tough to pick who is going to win each series, which is what make the ECAC so great. You never know who is going to win on a given day. I think that every game this weekend will be extremely close with plenty of them going into overtime.

Anyways, these are my predictions:

Colagate at RPI: Colgate in three games. They split the season series with each team losing at home. RPI has not played well of late, and haven't had too much success against the Raiders.

St. Lawrence at Princeton: Princeton in two games. St. Lawrence has been cold, while the Tigers have been hot in the second half. Plus, the Saints have to make the long trip from the North Country to New Jersey.

Harvard at Clarkson: Clarkson in three games. This was a really tough pick for me. Harvard has been very hot lately, and Clarkson has kind of limped into the playoffs. But, I think the Golden Knights will build off of their win at Dartmouth and will seek revenge for losing at Harvard last weekend. I also feel that Clarkson has more fire power up front.

Brown at Quinnipiac: Quinnipiac in three games. If Jack Maclellan wasn't hurt I would have went with the Bears. I just don't think Harry Z can do it all by himself. I'm not a fan of how QU plays, but they have enough to beat Brown at home.

So, there are my picks. Take 'em or leave 'em. If Colgate does upset RPI like I predict, Union will host the Raiders next weekend. If not... then we'll see. It's going to be a great weekend of hockey!

For more (including broadcasting information) check out Brian Sullivan's column on USCHO.

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