Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Looks Like Union Will Be Dancing!

I just want to make it known that I'm not great with numbers, formulas, etc. So, I can not figure out all the possible situations where Union will and will not make the NCAA tournament.

But, there is a PWR guru on the USCHO Forums named "Priceless." This is what he had to say about Union's chances of being a #1 seed and making the tournament (thanks to Will aka UHM on this one):
"Union (#4-#12) Can only get the final #1 seed by winning the ECAC, Denver losing before the final of the WCHA, BC/BU/Maine winning Hockey East and someone besides Michigan and Miami emerging from the CCHA. UNH, Merrimack, Michigan, Miami and Denver can all take the #1 seed by winning their conference. Union can lose this weekend or twice in AC and still not fall below #12. It looks like they are in the tournament." (link to the post)

So, it looks like the Dutchmen will be making their first ever tournament appearance no matter what happens in the ECAC playoffs. But, I'd feel a lot more comfortable winning two games this weekend and two games the following weekend.

P.S. I attended a Media Day today at the rink and took some videos. They'll be posted later.

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