Friday, August 19, 2011

Follow Your Favorite Dutchmen on Twitter

We figured this would be a good time to tell you all that the founder of UHB, Dan Greene, has begun his new blogging project. His new blog is called "1989 & Still Waiting," and covers all of ECAC men's hockey. The URL for the blog is, and you can follow it on Twitter at @ECACHockeyBlog.

The blog is only a week old, but he's already done some good stuff, including making a list of ECAC Hockey players on Twitter.

Here's the list he compiled of Dutchmen you can follow on Twitter:

Daniel Ciampini - @dchamp26
Charlie Vasaturo - @cvasaturo6
Trevor Mingoia - @tmingo12
Kelly Zajac - @Kzajac19
Kevin Sullivan - @KevinSullivan27
Mat Bodie - @MBodes22
Josh Jooris - @JJooris19
Mike Ingoldsby - @mikeingoldsby
Tyson Fulton - @tysonfulton
Sam Coatta - @samcoatta
Max Novak - @NaxMovak8
Troy Grosenick - @goaler27
Mark Bennett - @markbennett91

Here's a few "shared" Twitter accounts some Dutchmen have:

Matt Hatch/Kevin Sullivan - @Da222cru
Brian Yanovitch/Cole Ikkala - @GreenMachin2618

And here's some other "shared" accounts, but they're a little tricky. Can you figure them out:

Ryle Simpgaard - @136park_2nd
Gregemy Stuburn - @136park_1st

You can also follow Keith Kinkaid at @k1nkaid and Corey Milan at @U_Tendy31

To follow other current ECAC players, check out Dan's list on his new blog: