Friday, March 30, 2012

Tampa "Ride Board"

In the meantime, enjoy this. Courtesy Trent Hermann
Many people have already booked flights and tickets for the Frozen Four. Others have come to the site looking to sell tickets they've already bought. Feel free to use this space (in the comments) to coordinate with others.

People have already posted on our Facebook page/commented on Twitter, so we might as well use the blog as a means for people to coordinate, like one of those old-timey ride boards at colleges. You know, the kind they used before the interwebs.

I'd suggest talking further through email, you know, for privacy's sake.

We'll keep this pinned to the top of the blog for easy access.


  1. We'll bump this comment here for starters:

    BeeeejMar 28, 2012 09:56 AM

    Congratulations to the Union Dutchmen on making the Frozen Four! As a long-time Cornell fan, I've been following your team's progress since they joined the ECAC in 1991, and I'm deeply impressed with what you've achieved in the last couple of years. I was rooting for a Cornell-Union semi-final in Tampa, but alas Ferris State just gave us more than we could handle in Green Bay.

    So I probably would've gone if Cornell had made it, but with reservations - the Frozen Four falls on Passover this year, as it does every five or six years or so, and when that happens I'd rather be with my family unless Cornell's got a shot. So I've got four all-session tickets to the Frozen Four for sale, in Section 109. Seeking face value of $196.50/ticket ($786 total), and I'll pay shipping. Will entertain any reasonable offer - keyword being "reasonable." Contact me at, or call me at 646-872-4207.

    Good luck to the Dutchmen in the Frozen Four!! Get some respect for the ECAC. :-)

  2. 3 of us Dutch loyals are trying to make the day long trek down 95, stay at a cheap hotel, and experience all the games. We need at least one more person to split cost and driving. We have found a $50/night motel for 3 nights, estimated $120/person gas, expect 5 hours of driving, and need to order tickets together. We were in AC and Bridgeport loud and proud! We want to wrap up our college experience with a proper road trip. If you are interested or want to know who we are, email me at, or twiter @Gironimo4 . Bus leaves early Wednesday morning!

  3. For anyone interested, I have 4 all session tickets in the upper deck Section 329. I'm willing to split them up 2 & 2. Asking $125 per ticket and I'll pay the overnight shipping. Contact me at or 605-695-4558.

  4. Officially driving to Tampa.. 1 extra ticket section 309, row J, with 3 students. Looking to sell for about $100, call 908-432-8808 or email to discuss.