Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video from Atlantic City--Updated

Update 3: Scott Wykoff '85 provides us with some fantastic footage from AC. Enjoy!

Update 2: RPI TV posts highlights from the ECAC Championship Final. You can watch the entire game for free here. You will also be able to buy copies (blu-ray and DVD) of all the games from this weekend from RPI TV, which did an excellent job. Give them a follow on Twitter if you'd like to thank them for beaming this weekend's heroics into our homes (or computers).

Update: Our own Evan Slavit was in the stands in Atlantic City (lucky...) and he took some video of Union's post game festivities. Watch for Josh Jooris and Troy Grosenick's patented handshake at ~30 seconds.

Avid Union fan (and craft brew connoisseur) Chad sends this video our way. Check it out--it's got some great shots of Atlantic City and Union's win:


  1. Thanks for using my video on your blog! :D

  2. What a joke! At any given time there were about 1000 people in the building. (Beautiful rink!) That crowd wouldn't put a dent in Messa Rink never mind Glens Fall Civic Center or Lynah. (I counted about 20 Harvard fans.) People in AC don't know (and don't care) about Union Hockey (or Cornell or Harvard or Colgate for that matter) or ECAC hockey or college hockey in general. So what is ECACH doing in Atlantic City? Talk about stupid bureaucrats! I've been following the program for thirty years, so I thought I'd see the first playoff cup in person. But it's not worth going that far again.

  3. yeah I agree. The bus ride was really long. The hotel rooms were wicked expensive. aside from the hockey games there's nothing to do in A.C. except eat and gamble and I dont really like casinos. A trip like this they really should've made a 2-day event, instead of leaving right after the title game and not getting back to Schenectady until 4am.

    The empty building really sucked the energy of the event. Not that the TUC would've been sold out had they had it in Albany, but they would've at least filled the lower level I bet.

    Rumors are flying that ECAC got the building in A.C. for free. No idea if this is true or not, but it seems like the upper management needs to have some sense slapped into them. Is the leage REALLY hurting that bad for money that they'd go that far away to have maybe 2000 total people show up? They seriously made more profit on that than they would having 5000 people in Albany and having to pay for it? I find that extremely difficult to believe, Hagwell. Screw you, bring it back to Albany next year.