Monday, June 18, 2012

Shayne Gostisbehere regarded highly in predraft rankings

Shayne displays the power of a wide stance, 
increasing balance and intimidating less flexible opponents

In's recent post ranking those NCAA talents that are eligible for the draft, Shayne was placed at #4.  As HF states in their write up, Ghost was scouted all year.  Scouts must have liked his steady progression of development throughout the year but were certainly impressed by his playoff success, being named to the ECAC all-tournament team.  Leading the team in silky-smooth dangles, Ghost had the second most points of any defenseman this year as a freshman.  Ghost is a native of Florida and could be projected to be picked in as high as the 3rd round.  Time will tell but it is highly likely the Dutch will be starting next year's season with a drafted player.  That's cool.  For more, check out HockeysFuture's write-up.  Good luck to Shayne on June 22nd/23rd.


  1. I think Brandon Snee an old Union goalie was drafted by the Rangers. Here's the link. not sure if its right.

  2. Check this out. Brand Snee was drafted by the Rangers in the 5th around. Two rounds ahead of Henrik Lundqvist.

    1. My sources have failed me. Good catch.