Friday, November 9, 2012

Game Time: Union vs. Harvard

No. 7/8 Union (5-1-1) will be facing off against No. 13/14 Harvard (2-1) at the Bright Hockey Center in Allston, MA tonight at 7pm.  Harvard is a tough team and this game will without a doubt be hard fought.  Of the 3 times they met up last year, the Dutchmen were undefeated, going 2-0-1.

Arguably the most flexible team in the league

Tonight's Lines
D. Ciampini/K. Bodie/W. Simpson
D. Carr/J. Jooris/N. Cruice
C. Ikkala/D. Roy/K. Sullivan
M. Wilkins/M. Novak/M. Hatch

G. Coburn/S. Stuart
S. Gostisbehere/T. Boyle
C. Vasaturo/S. Gingras

T. Grosenick
C. Stevens

Bits and Points
  • The only difference from last week in the forward corps. is the flipping of the 3rd and 4th line.  I wouldn't read too much into that.
  • After last week's game, I would have expected to not see J. Jooris in the line up after he stuck up for C. Vasaturo, who was on the receiving end of a gratuitously dirty hit, by wailing away at perpetrator.  Glad to see him back.  One should not be punished for such heroism. 
  • The D pairings are jumbled up a bit from last week.  S. Stuart will be on the right of G. Coburn on the top D pairing as opposed to S. Gingras, who will be with C. Vasaturo on the bottom D pairing.  Ghost has been moved up on pairing as well.
  • The Dutchmen will be without Mat Bodie, as expected, who is nursing a broken arm.  Word on the street is that it was a clean break and is expected to heal stronger than ever.  
  • Good to see that both C. Vasaturo and Ghost are healthy, Ghost as expected, but Vasaturo seemed questionable after the dirty hit.
  • The PP is up to 36% and the PK is up to 89%.  Eh, not bad.
For those of you who are not going to physically be at the game, follow UnionHockey for livetweets, listen to the free audio stream, or if you're feeling saucy, pay $10 and watch it online!

Let's Go U!

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